FAMT Agrocampus ouest


Tutorial: see Causeur et al. (2011).

FAMT-manual: R document describing all the functions of the package.


Causeur D., Friguet C., Houée-Bigot M. and Kloareg M. (2011). Factor Analysis for Multiple Testing (FAMT): An R Package for Large-Scale Significance Testing Under Dependence. Journal of Statistical Software, 40(14), 1-19.

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Poster and presentation

Houée-Bigot M., Friguet C., Lagarrigue S., Blum Y., Causeur D. Large-scale significance testing of high-throughput data with FAMT. ASMDA conference, Rome Italy, 2011 June 7-10. (Abstract)

Blum Y., Friguet C., Lagarrigue S., Causeur D. Inférence sur réseaux géniques par Analyse en Facteurs, Conférence SFdS Marseille 25-28/05/2010. (Abstract in french)

Blum Y., Lagarrigue S., Causeur D. A factor model to analyze heterogeneity in gene expression, SMPGD workshop, Marseille, 14-15/01/2010. (Abstract)

A poster about the general approach: "Factor Analysis for Multiple Testing: A general approach for differential analysis of genome-scale dependent data", Friguet C., Kloareg M., Causeur D.


Friguet C., 2010. Impact of dependence in large-scale multiple testing. Thesis, 113 p.